Ace of Spades Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

Understanding the 420 world’s passionate desire for a mad mix of both sweet-and-sour flavors in their smoke, the skilled bean breeders from TGA Subcool found the perfect combination, providing both relaxation and flavor.

Basic Info: A sweet and sticky hybrid created from a female Black Cherry Soda, crossed with their stress murdering strain… Jack the Ripper. TGA subcool created a strain which has all the cannabinoids stacked in its favor – the Ace of Spades.




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Growth and Seed Info: While TGA subcool believes that the Black Cherry Soda is the Kush origin for this specific plant, the strains Kush connection remains somewhat murky. The father’s gene pool are fortunately well-known, a chronic mix of Jack Cleaner crossed with Space Queen – making the Ace of Spades a mostly Indica plant. Regardless of its genetic predisposition, the high from this strain often starts off like a Sativa, causing users to feel creative and inspired. Only to be overtaken later by the more typical Indica effects of lethargy and the munchies. Thanks to the plant’s high THC percentage and broad spectrum of cannabinoids, the Ace of Spades strain represents a great source of medication for a wide range of ailments.

This strain flourishes both indoors and out; however indoor cultivators need to beware! The Ace of Spades tends to get leggy during her vegetative cycle. When cultivated indoors, this strain is recommended to be topped as a means of controlling her height. Outside the strain is ready for harvest in late September or early October.

Affect: The Ace of Spades strain is perfect for patients suffering from stress, depression, pain, insomnia and muscle spasms.

Scent: the Ace of Spades flavonoids and terpenes provide a profile that is rich in earth-based flavors…delivering a distinctly lemony hit of sweet smelling citrus.

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Ace of Spades Marijuana Strain Review and Photos
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