Boulder Bans 4/20 Smokeout for the 3rd Straight Year

It’s no surprise, but once again, Boulder will ban the general public from its campus on April 20 (aka “420″). Ironically, 4/20 falls on Easter Sunday this year, so the University of Colorado wouldn’t even have to worry about the devout, freakishly religious stoners showing up in white bed sheets or whatever the campus is scared of/

Even though applications may be up at CU-Boulder this year, the school remains adamant in its modern stance against what once was one of the world’s greatest 420 celebration. It’s not that Boulder officials don’t want people getting high–they just don’t want to have to deal with all the bullshit that comes with thousands of stoned people (trash, roaches, and body odor, to name a few).

And you can’t really blame them. While the decisions is a bummer for sure, college campuses were built for students. Having 50,000 extra people invade that campus costs a university money (security), time, and, well, image.

“This year, with all the attention on the law in Colorado and retail marijuana becoming legal here, we wanted to continue to secure the academic space against the kind of chaos the event brings,” says Bronson Hilliard . “And regardless of what happens in the external environments around Colorado and Denver, I think the general feeling is that it’s going to take some time to die down completely as something students think about — and something people from outside the community who come here for 4/20 think about.”

Chaos and weed typically don’t link with one another. But there was a shooting at the Denver Civic Center on 4/20 last year, so it’s hard to argue. When you factor in that students also have class on Monday and can still get high in their rooms (or the quad or wherever they want–it’s Colorado)–it’s kind of a reasonable sounding decision.

At the same time, he continues, “the baseline reasons for doing this really haven’t changed. We have faculty using the academic space seven days a week. Laboratories are right nearby and faculty regularly comes in over the weekend to work, to meet with colleagues and many other things. And that’s what we’re trying to secure without disruption.”

Which leads us to the bigger question here: why does anyone over the age of 21 want to go stand around on a college quad smoking weed with college kids. Old School looks cool and all, but smoking weed on a college campus loses a bit of it’s allure and cool factor when you’re a 42-year-old ski bum.

Fear not, 420 Colorado visitors: there’s still the Cannabis Cup and The Big Show all 4/20 week long in Denver. And if you want to see Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa at Red Rocks, Weedmaps will be there. And we’re going to set a Guinness world record for amount of joints lit. If we can remember.

Oh and the last time Boulder let our people smoke in 2011? We were there:

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Boulder Bans 4/20 Smokeout for the 3rd Straight Year
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