Breckenridge Ski Smoke Shack Destroyed By Authorities

Unfortunately, smoking on federal-owned land remains extremely illegal in America–even in the “safe” stoner confines of good old Colorado. Earlier this week, CNN’s “Inside Edition” took an in-depth look at the “extremes” to which skiiers and snowboarders look to get lifted before their rides down the mountain.

Featured in the special was famed Breckenridge shack Leo’s, where mogul-runners go for a breath of fresh air and also, a fresh blaze. CNN placed hidden cameras in the “safe” confines of Leo’s, and “caught” a bunch of stoned skiers smoking bowls and joints.

Then, in true Cannabis News Network (CNN) fashion, the station showed a bunch of skiers and snowboarders wiping out…And of course, blamed it on the weed.

Likewise, now Leo’s Smoke Shack is no more, after authorities, at the behest of Vail Ski Resort (which owns Breckenridge) demanded so.

Now, Leo’s Smoke Shack looks like this what the hopes and dreams of stoner’s have looked like for hundreds of years: completely wrecked:

A rebuild project for Leo’s has already sprung up on Facebook and has garnered support. It’s quite sad, because no one was really doing anything wrong and no one got hurt skiing high–they were just exercising what should be the human right to medicate in mother nature.

Had they simply been ripping shots of liver-killing Bourbon and cancer-causing cigarettes? Leo’s would likely still be standing. But this is America. And while weed may be legal in Denver, there’s certain obstacles that remain (and may always remain) to be climbed.

Smoking on “public” and “federally-owned land”–no matter how remote and hidden and harmless–remains one of those ironic obstacles. Elsewhere, a snow fort built by University of Utah students’ to blaze up in was also, likewise, destroyed.”

You can watch the whole video that led to this Breckenridge disaster right here:

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Author: Barry Poppins


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