Canada’s Health Minister Will Not Appeal Homegrown Medicine Ruling

Sparking concerns this was only a temporary victory, Canada’s Health Minister Jane Philpott declared the federal government currently has no intention of appealing a 2016 federal court ruling, which declared patients have a right to cultivate their own medicinal cannabis.

Informing, “The Federal Court’s concern was that under the current legislation … medical marijuana was not appropriately affordable and accessible to Canadians.” The minister ominously noted, “And those are the parts of the regulations we are required to address.”

The calculated subtext of the Minister’s statement seems to imply, enjoy it while you can. Because the 28,000 Canadians who are currently covered by Judge Phelan’s original injunction could very well lose their right to grow under Canada’s new regulations – anticipated to be enacted by August 2016.

“We are committed, as you know, to make sure Canadians who require marijuana for medical purposes have appropriate access to that. And until such time as the amendments are put in place, the marijuana for medical purposes regulations will remain in effect.”

To cultivate, or not to cultivate; either way, it may be a moot point for those patients north of the US/Canadian border. Thanks to Judge Phelan’s February ruling in the Allard case, any Canuck with a green thumb – and a firm belief in section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – could soon be able to germinate their meds without fear once legalization hits full stride in Canada.

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Canada’s Health Minister Will Not Appeal Homegrown Medicine Ruling
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