Cannabis Recipes

Colorado edibles companies' advertised dosages found to be inaccurate

The stories people tell about consuming cannabis-infused foods, simply referred to most commonly as edibles, range from one extreme end of the spectrum, to the other. You’ll hear of the scrawny guy that claims to ingest a few hundred milligrams of THC in a few brownies without batting an eye. Or you might know that …
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How To Make Marijuana Jalapeno Poppers

Cannabis Jalapeno Poppers Recipe High Times has been rolling out some fantastic cooking videos which show you how to make marijuana edibles. One of my favorite parts about the videos Continue to full story....
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Chocolate Chip Cannabis Cookie Recipe

Cannabis Cookie Recipe Here’s a great sweet tooth recipe packed with a little something more than just chocolate chips.  Marijuana Cookies, or better known as “Mike’s Mom’s Massive Chocolate Chip Weed Cookies”.  Yes, the name speaks volumes and you are going to love them.  Party favors don’t get much better than this! It’s an easy …
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Cool Cannabis-Melon (Vegan)

Try this marijuana infused fruit as a refreshing cannabis snack             Ingredients: watermelon fifth (750 ml) of Green Dragon (Note: You can alter this according to the amount of liquor and cannabis you want to consume.) Instructions: Cut a hole in the watermelon that is big enough to fit the …
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