cannabis seed DNA

Cannabis Seed DNA Sequencing Business Blooms

Biotech company poised to enlighten growers, physicians and consumers about the intricacies of cannabis seeds and strains.

cannabis seed DNA“It’s an organic extension of all technologies which we have been developing for more than 15 years in artificial intelligence, EEG and DNA,” said Boris Goldstein, who launched PotBotics in October 2013. “We want to help patients get better consulting and advice when considering medical Marijuana.”
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A division of PotBotics, BrainBotics will license EEG hardware to doctors and give feedback through a centralized location.

“It’s a helmet that helps physicians who prescribe marijuana to make better informed decisions through the EEG scanning of alpha brain waves of the patient,” Goldstein told MainStreet. “The software reads the images that the helmet provides. Doctors can then use the information to prescribe a more specific strain of cannabis for different ailments.” Full Story…

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