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Video: The Most Tenacious Marijuana High THC Content Strains

What Are The Most Tenacious Marijuana Strains?

tenacious cannabisAs many of you already know, all cannabis strains are now created equal. Using today’s cultivation techniques amazing things are being done to create potency levels to fit just about every need or desire. Much like Coffee, Alcohol or Tobacco there is the mild, medium, strong and now very strong. If you are into the strong and then some you are going to like this informative video put together by High Times that exposes the most tenacious marijuana strains for 2014. Check it out:

The Crypt Strain Is A Cheesy Treat With Cerebral Effects

The Crypt strain is a powerful hybrid with somewhat mysterious origins. It can carry a slightly sweet, cheesy aroma and typically packs quite the cerebral punch.

The Crypt Cannabis Strain Has No Traceable Lineage

I came across this batch of the Crypt strain on my recent trip to my friendly neighborhood collective. I was immediately impressed by the bud quality upon visual inspection, but I was just as quickly disappointed when I learned that the no one in the facility could tell me anything about the strain’s genetics.

They did, however, note that it likely has some influence from the <a class=”colorbox” title=”Cheese Strain Continue to full story….


Lemon Haze Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Lemon Haze Cannabis Strain Review And Pics The Lemon Haze marijuana strain has an intense citrus smell that absolutely fits the name it was given. The taste of Lemon Haze is exactly how one would expect it to be – like tasting a fresh peeled lemon. The color of Lemon Haze is very light, almost […]

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Marijuana Contests To Join County Fair in Colorado

Pot at the county fair? Why not? Colorado’s Denver County is adding cannabis-themed contests to its 2014 summer fair. It’s the first time pot plants will stand alongside tomato plants and homemade jam in competition for a blue ribbon.

There won’t actually be any marijuana at the fairgrounds. The judging will be done off-site, with photos showing the winning entries. And a live joint-rolling contest will be done with oregano, not pot.

But county fair organizers say the marijuana categories will add a fun twist on Denver’s already-quirky county fair, which includes a drag queen pageant and a contest for dioramas made Continue to full story….