Cordero Kush Platinum Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

Cordero Kush Platinum is a boutique strain with a historic lineage of uncrossed True OG, one that took first place back in 2012 at High Times medical cannabis cup – beating out all Indica competitors for the top honor. This strain was cultivated by the San Jose Patient Group and floored the judges with its wonderfully sedating high and incredibly flavorful terpene profile. Offering a heavy Indica high which is perfect for relieving both pain and insomnia.

Basic Info: the Cordero strain (Spanish for “Lamb”) is known for producing big THC encrusted flowers which are dense with resin encrusted calyxes. These award-winning buds glisten with their sticky and sweet trichomes.




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Effect: this strain provides a noteworthy Buzz which can definitely be defined as a ‘couch lock King,’ known to grip the cerebellum fast. The first few bong rips inhibits the short-term memory, making it the perfect interruption for those ‘brain fart’ moments of unproductive thought, but less than ideal for seeking to accomplish important tasks like doing your taxes, which requires a certain level of focus and concentration. When smoked by the uninitiated Stoner, this strain can absolutely kill the productivity of a day. Known for creating a dreamlike highs, this strain is perfect for those patients with some serious downtime on their hands.

Scent: Cordero Kush Platinum maintains its pure OG heritage, a rich citrusy lemon cross of pine aromas, complete with spicy earth-like overtones, yet skunkier and funkier than its predecessors.

Growth and Seed Info: as is true with most OG’s, Cordero Kush platinum tends to produce shorter, squat plants with dark green phenotypes. This strain produces thick leaves with distinctive jagged edges. Typically bushy, as most Indica’s are, the Cordero Kush strain requires minimal space due to its lack of branching, preferring to form one main stem from which a massive cola will emerge.

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Cordero Kush Platinum Marijuana Strain Review and Photos
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