Death Star Marijuana Strain Review

The Scoop: An uncommon, almost pure Sativa courtesy of Ohio Breeders, Death Star brings together a traditional frosty strain, Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, an East coast strain known for it’s potency and enticing aroma.

The Result: Death Star maintains a serious potency with a large and complex terpene profile. She’s a perfect smoke anytime of the day and is known for keeping depression at arm’s-length.

Type: Sativa (70% sativa; 30% indica)

Genetics: Sensi-star x Sour diesel

Origin:  Ohio

How Stoned Will You Get: 8

Average THC: 18-20%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40

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Strain Profile/The Science: Death Star is an amazingly therapeutic strain that is 70% sativa and 30% indica. With a strong link sour diesel’s reputation of working wonders for those who suffer from nausea, migraine, depression, and lack of appetite, Death Star is the perfect medicine to kick start your day. After medicating with this sativa-dominant strain, the consumer is left feeling inspired with bursts of creative energy. This lovely lady is the perfect addition for any outdoor adventure.

Appearance: Death Star is a wonderfully engaging strain to behold, with a vast spectrum of psychedelic colors glistening with every flower. Flashing both army green and neon green, hues of blue and purple color these magnificent ladies. Light pinkish pistils cover the resin-covered buds of this strain, making her appear like some ominous force from outer space. Death Star, contrary to its name, is a pleasure to behold; so much so that some might not want to fire this beauty up.

Consistency: Boasting a super sticky consistency, Death Star is first dry to the touch, yet very sticky and aromatic once broken open. This flower’s trichomes will surely cause issues for even the best grinders.

Scent: The complex fragrance generated by the strain is made up an extremely pungent and multifaceted aroma. With hints of a diesel-based petroleum so potent, some may assume your house has a gas leak nearby. Bottom line, if you’re going into a business meeting, or meeting the parents of your girlfriend, you might want to think twice about bringing this smelly lady along for the ride.

Taste: The taste of Death Star is quite extraordinary, leaving hints of citrus and sour warhead candy on the palate. After the potent sweet and sour taste on the inhale, the consumer is hit with a intoxicating mixture of petroleum, lemon zest, and unripe mango flavor on the exhale. This strain is a must have for all Sour D fans.

Effect: Death Star is a soaring sativa that will brighten the mood of anyone who comes in contact with her. She leaves you feeling creative, energized, and motivated to go explore nature. This mood-enhancing strain is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Strain Background: Death Star was originally cultivated by some rather creative breeders in Ohio, accomplished by crossing the noteworthy Sour D with a pungently scented Sensi star male.

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Growth and Seed Info:

Pros: taste, smell, buzz,

Cons: yield, difficulty growing

Original Breeder: clone only

Current Breeder: clone only

Known Phenotypes: Ohio Death Star phenotype

Seed Bank of Choice: Seed Mine

Flowering Time: 70 days

Flowering Type: SOG

Growth Height: 5-6’ft.

Expected Yield: 1.5-2 lbs. per 1,000 watt light

Garden Skill Level:  advanced

Breeder Quote/Advice: SOG, LST, Topping for maximum yields

Medical Uses: migraines, anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, muscle pain, cramps, PTSD, and nausea

Verdict: Death star is one of the most potent and invigorating sativas on the planet. A true keeper in both the garden and the stash.

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Death Star Marijuana Strain Review
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