Hemp Life: 5 Ways To Go Green

Long squandered as one of the Earth’s more valuable and renewable resources, hemp is making a full-throated comeback in the 21st century. Historically maligned by the likes Harry J. Anslinger and his group of industrial malcontents, this not-too-distant cousin of medical marijuana is in everything from healthy salads to environmentally friendly building materials.

As a means of honoring one of Nature’s most awe-inspiring plants, we present to you a quick list of incredible ways for the modern consumer to hike with it, do yoga on it, run with it, or simply provide a stylish and green home for your family with it. Much more than a way to appear hippy chic, the hemp variety of Cannabis ruderalis is fortunately here to stay.


Hemp Shoes: Wearing your lifestyle on your feet, these counterculture kicks demonstrate your passion for all things cannabis. Fashionable and durable, these casual slip-ons are designed beautifully for both sustainability and comfort.                                                                                                                                                Hemp_Backpack

Backpacks: Not in the market for new shoes? Well, there are plenty of other ways to turn hemp’s fiber into beautiful and functional accessories. From hemptastic Apple gear to shower curtains and bedding, if it’s made of cotton, it can be found made from hemp.


Yoga Mats: No longer necessary to do the downward dog atop stinky synthesized rubber, Super Green’s yoga mat naturally kills bacteria. With anti-mold/anti-mildew properties, this eco-friendly yoga mat naturally repels offensive odor caused by microbes.                                                                                                                                                                   Healthy_Hemp_seed

Hulled Hemp Seed: Nutty, flavorful, and nutritious, hulled hemp seed’s are packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and other heart-healthy proteins. Great as a snack, salad topping, or in your favorite smoothie, your heart will love you for the help.


Hemp House & Building Materials: For those looking to increase energy efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint, building a house using hemp technologies benefits the environment in several ways; fewer toxic chemicals, less greenhouse emission, and reduced CO2 emissions.



Understood as a valuable commodity by the US government during World War II, the USDA had once produced an educational video explaining to America’s farmers the importance of cultivating hemp to support the war effort. Approximately 6 decades later, we now understand that hemp’s future is tied to our peaceful survival, rather than our destructive demise.

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Hemp Life: 5 Ways To Go Green
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