Medical Marijuana (Cannabis)


medical-marijuanaProponents of medical marijuana stress the point it can be a beneficial as well as highly cost-effective treatment for the signs and symptoms of certain types of cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, serious pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, along with other ailments. They refer to numerous peer-reviewed investigations, distinguished medical organizations, key government studies, in addition to the consumption of marijuana as medication throughout the history of civilization.

Opponents of medical marijuana assert it to be far too detrimental to benefit from, does not have FDA-approval, and also a variety of lawful medications render marijuana use unnecessary. They claim marijuana is addicting, contributes to heavier drug usage, interferes with fertility, impairs operating a vehicle, and even injures the lung tissue, autoimmune system, and memory. They contend that medical marijuana is a doorway for cannabis legalization for recreational use. (source)

Results of Unprecedented Cannabis Study Unveiled at Jerusalem Health Conference

5/29/2016 UPDATE: The Israel National Institute For Health Policy Research has provided us with a copy of the initial results from the study Health Utilization and Characterization of Patients Using Medical Cannabis in Israel. Here are the real facts of the study: Israel is seeing a significant increase in the use of medical cannabis. The law …
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Results of Unprecedented Cannabis Study Unveiled at Jerusalem Conference

The 6th International Jerusalem Conference on Health Policy, held May 23-25, provided a platform for exploring the dynamic evolution of health policy worldwide and acknowledging its complex, uncertain and interactive nature. Pesach Shvartzman, one of Israel’s leading family physicians and a prominent expert in both pain control and palliative medicine, took this opportunity to unveil …
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Cannabis Infused Cooking Oil

Cannabis infused cooking oils, commonly referred to as canna oils, are popular among patients and caregivers looking to infuse everything from salad dressings to sauces to baked goods. Most oils are vegan-friendly and extremely easy to add into recipes, making marijuana-infused cooking oils a must-have when it comes to cooking with cannabis at home. Additionally, infused cooking oils may …
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Germany to Completely Legalize Medical Marijuana by 2017

Germany is working towards legalizing marijuana for medical purposes by the spring of next year.  Under a draft proposal introduced this week by German Health Minister Hermann Gröhe, seriously ill patients will qualify for medical marijuana if they have no other treatment options or existing treatments are ineffective. Under the proposal, which was given preliminary approval …
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How Much is a Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half, and Ounce of Weed?

Unless you’re one of the fortunate ones able to purchase cannabis in person at a local dispensary, you’ll generally get your medication from a delivery service, on a street corner, or from a friend [or even a friend of a friend]. Present laws and politics in most jurisdictions differ significantly so there is little chance …
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