the UK cannabis business

On Fire: Britain’s Booming Cannabis Business

Over 80% of #marijuana consumed throughout the UK is home grown. Unlawful cannabis production is now a multi-million pound business. This documentary follows the weed in the middle class kitchens to urban homes owned or rented for extreme harvesting.

One of the biggest challenges in documentary film making is finding informative contributors who are prepared to appear on camera, especially criminals. But once you’ve found them, getting them to talk about their crimes isn’t as hard as you might think. We all like to talk about ourselves and our jobs. This is equally true of people who break the law for a living and, in fact, in many cases they can be even more forthcoming. Even if what they do isn’t very good, many of the criminals I speak to are really very good at what they do. They often relish the opportunity to show that off to someone who shows them a little interest. (source)


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