Oregon: Recreational Concentrate and Edible Sales Begin June 2nd

While residents and tourists of the Pacific Northwest are loving the high-quality flower options Oregon has to offer, they have been patiently waiting for their chance to try all the innovative edibles and potent concentrates that the medical community consistently raves about. Well, it’s official — there is less than one month remaining until they can finally try a squib.

Oregon’s recreational law was enacted last October and since then anyone, 21 and over, has been able to purchase up to 7 grams of flower from their local medical dispensary. This caveat was set in place as a temporary transition until state-licensed recreational retail stores begin opening in October.

The transition plan was brilliant because it allowed immediate safe access to the newly legalized herb. However, purchases are extremely limited, and with so many amazing cannabis products to choose from, Oregonians are eager for their opportunity to experience ganja in all its forms!

Beginning June 2nd any adults 21+ living or visiting Oregon will be able to purchase:

  • One low-dose (15 mg) edible per day
  • Topical products such as lotions, salves and bath balms (must contain no more than 6 mg THC)
  • One pre-filled cartridge or packaged concentrate per day (must contain no more than 1,000 mg of THC)

Over 300 dispensaries have opted into the early sales program, you can quickly find your local medical shop here. Under this early-recreational sales program, licensed medical dispensaries can sell 7g flower, low-dose edibles, topicals and concentrates to adults 21+ until January 1, 2017. After the 1st, recreational retail stores licensed by the OLCC will take over all adult-use sales and dispensaries will revert back to strictly medicinal sales.


Photo courtesy of Allie Beckett.

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Oregon: Recreational Concentrate and Edible Sales Begin June 2nd
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