Plenty of 420: Enjoy Your Smoke Sesh with Expensive Dabs, Innovative Tacos, and Virtual Reality

This Glass is Just Different

GQ’s hilarious series Most Expensivest Shit returned today with a brand new episode, and season three finds host 2 Chainz soaring to new heights, quite literally. If you haven’t seen the show before, the artist formerly known as Tity Boi tries out the finest things the world has to offer in an assortment of categories. The “Watch Out” rapper has eaten the world’s most lavish cheeseburger, sipped the most extravagant bottled water, and even got to rock some $2 million kicks on the web series.

In the season premiere, 2 Chainz links up with Dr. Dina and Adam Ill for a smoke session unlike any other. You may recall the memorable episode in season two where Dr. Dina came to visit with some shimmering gold joints. In this new installment, the trio admires a half million dollars worth of glass pieces, including a “scorpion” by glass artist Banjo. Not falling short on extravagance, 2 Chainz gets treated to a jar of pure terpene crystals valued at over $2,500. Surprisingly, after the vicious dab the apparent weed warrior came back and asked for another.

Carb-Cutting Chalupa

Residents of Bakersfield, California must have hit the lotto or something because they’ve had access to Chalupas with crispy chicken shells since September of last year. Had I known this, there would’ve obviously been a trip to Bakersfield to sample the golden-fried god of tacos. The groundbreaking innovation in Mexican fast food may have been set in motion when fierce competitor Kentucky Fried Chicken released their Double Down sandwich, which used two chicken tenders as the bun. If fast food connoisseurs were waiting with baited breath for Taco Bell’s nationwide response — they may have it very soon.

Taco Bell’s Senior Marketing Manager Kat Garcia told Buzzfeed the product is “still in test mode, but the results and consumer feedback are very encouraging. We’re just planning what’s the right the timing.”

The Schnozberries Taste Like Schnozberries

Though virtual reality isn’t a new technology, we’ve certainly come a long way from the Nintendo Virtual Boy. While visiting a homie’s house the other day, he showed me a new virtual reality headset he purchased online for less than fifteen bucks. Amazed at the value, I figured the experience was probably going to be cheesy. I couldn’t have been more wrong; there’s a myriad of content available online, including a whole section of YouTube dedicated solely to VR-compatible videos. It’s an epic way to escape the real world for a few minutes and immerse yourself into almost any situation imaginable, especially when baked.

To give you a taste of what’s out there in virtual reality, I put together a quick playlist of dope VR experiences. Don’t worry, you don’t need a headset to watch, just click and drag with your mouse to move around on a desktop computer. If you’re watching from your smartphone, simply move it around in the direction you’d like to look in virtual reality.

Lit Off the Yamsbread

A$AP Mob’s audio tribute to their fallen brethren Yams finally got visuals, and it was everything we could’ve hoped for. The trippy video will make you think your computer is freaking out, but it’s all part of the show. Mob members Rocky, Ferg, Nast, Addie, and Twelvyy all take turns paying tribute to the visionary A$AP founder. Four-twenty fun fact: Yams’ Mom has a cameo in the video right at the beginning where she can be seen turning on the TV so we can all see this psychedelic masterpiece. RIP Yams, Bodiene Brazy.



Come back for Plenty of 4:20 content to check out during your smoke sesh, and tell us what you’re smoking on in the comments!

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Plenty of 420: Enjoy Your Smoke Sesh with Expensive Dabs, Innovative Tacos, and Virtual Reality
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