ShowGrow Private Reserve OG Marijuana Strain Review

The Scoop: Representing one of the more dominant OG Kush strains found in any dispensary today, ShowGrow’s Private Reserve OG provides an abrupt and profound effect. Like a roundhouse kick to the cranium, this feminized cut of OG is the Conor McGregor of Indica dominant strains—a one-hit wonder that could easily leave your pain out for the count.

The Result: ShowGrow’s Private Reserve OG provides an elevated body high while minimizing the aches and pains associated with Multiple Sclerosis and it’s debilitating muscle spasms. Additionally, this powerful OG knocks out insomnia and depression with one quick rip.

Type: Indica-Dominant

Genetics: Feminized OG Kush Seeds

THC: 25.5 %

Price Per ⅛: $55

Strain Profile: In the world of OGs, Private Reserve OG is the Gold Standard of the modern Kush strains: Providing a superior quality of cannabis, the stellar potency of the active cannabinoids in this strain is nothing short of mind-blowing. Similar to other popular OG (Ocean Grown) strains, Private Reserve OG is a serious strain that’s guaranteed to fix what ails you. While this strain works wonders at the end of a busy workday – Private Reserve OG could potentially cause some serious productivity issues when fired up midday. As this strain’s imposters abound, some of the key traits to look for in confirming your Private Reserve OG is the real McCoy, are rock-hard nugs, swollen calyxes, and an overwhelming scent of pungent skunkiness.

Strain Background: Proudly offering Orange County’s medical marijuana patients one of the most potent strains on the market today, ShowGrow’s Private Reserve OG was tested by SC labs at 25.5 THC %. Sharing similar phenotypes with the Chem Dawg strain, this Private Reserve OG is a seriously special lady.

ShowGrow Private Reserve OG Test Results

ShowGrow Private Reserve OG Test Results

Appearance: Provided you’ve purchased your Private Reserve OG from ShowGrow, you should expect to see some exceptionally dense flower in your stash – complete with Buds that glisten from their resin-encrusted trichomes.

Consistency: Dense, hard, and as gluey as it gets, breaking up ShowGrow’s Private Reserve OG is a sticky chore to try and accomplish by hand. Try a grinder,

Scent: Appealing to the nose, this strain maintains the typical OG aromas – plus a little something extra. Drawing from its Chem Dawg gene pool, the terpenes in this OG enjoy strong skunk like overtones and a heady lemon undertone. Similar to its high, this strain’s scent is no joke; if secrecy is an issue, open your jar of these meds in a small room at your own risk.

Taste: Full-bodied and forceful, the smooth diesel draw from this star of the OG world hits with a typical Pinesol flavored exhale. While highlights of citrus abound in the oak-centric terpenes, this particular batch of Private Reserve OG from ShowGrow tastes as good as it gets.

Effect: Relaxing and thought provoking, one rip off your daily-driver with some of this Private Reserve OG in the bowl … and your day is donezo. Instead, replacing anxiety and stress with a deep sense of inner peace. Not for the faint of heart or newbie patient, this strain is best enjoyed in the privacy of your own home. Thanks to its powerfully psychoactive attributes, the high from ShowGrow’s Private Reserve OG can easily last more than a couple of hours.

Growth and Seed Info: Typically hard to nail down, the original cultivators are thought to be the mad breeders at DNA Genetics. And similar to those other finicky OG’s, this Private Reserve requires an experienced cultivator to encourage this plant to meet its maximum potential yield. That said, those with the requisite skill set will enjoy the bountiful harvest provided by these highly productive ladies. Generally speaking, these ladies hit full maturation approximately 50 to 60 days after switching to the lights to the flower cycle.

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Verdict: ShowGrow’s Private Reserve OG  represents a much healthier sleep aid when compared to prescription pharmaceuticals like Ambien or Xanax. This potent OG will have you dreaming of fuzzy pajamas and comfortable couches in no time. You’ll get the same, dreary-eyed, deep (dreamless) sleep as your pill-popping cohorts, minus the ugly withdrawals and unwanted side-effects. While not an ideal strain for those with a busy social calendar, it remains prominently placed on the throne of high grade, high strength sleep productive strains.

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ShowGrow Private Reserve OG Marijuana Strain Review
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