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Hitman Glass Releases New E-Nail Friendly Rig!

A lot of the stigma against dabbing (probably justly) comes from the torch. It’s cumbersome, it’s scary to some, and it looks like a welding device. Cause it’s a freaking torch. Most of that hysteria is misplaced–you need to reach a certain heat to light up dabs–but it’s not exactly something stoners want to be doing in front of their grandmas.

Fortunately, E-Nails (Electronic Nails)–which you can even build yourself–are on the rise. They’re too pricey or to DIY for most, but in the next year, expect more and more E-Nails to enter the industry, and hopefully for the lofty price ($1,000) to drop.

An E-Nail is plug and play. You pop it in your rig, plug it into an outlet, set your desired temperature and boom, it heats up. The only problem with E-Nails: it’s tough finding the right rig (or a good rig).

But Hitman Glass–always a leader in glass innovation–has solved that problem for the E-Nail dabbing crowd. The company announced last week that it will be introducing an E-Nail friendly rig (pictured above) and the 19mm piece looks like a bit of perfection.

So recently we have had a lot of requests for sturdy rigs for electronic nails. You ask you shall receive. 2014 Hitman glass enail rigs with unground 19mm female joint. Will be available with numerous text perc options. And yes, you could also smoke weed through it :)

Take a dab on your E-Nail one second, then wash it down with a cool bowl of Kush the next. Now that is the future. If you’re not following Hitman Glass on Instagram, you’re missing out. Like a LOT of the glass world, it’s the first place to see next-level functional glass appear.





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Hitman Glass Releases New E-Nail Friendly Rig!
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Washington DC Prepares for Marijuana Decriminalization

Just down the street from the DOJ in our nation’s capital, the D.C. Council stands ready to make history today. Taking a stand against the outdated prohibition on marijuana, the DC Council will vote their conscience, making Washington DC one of the nation’s most progressive cities for marijuana possession. Reducing the burdensome pot penalties which target African Americans, lessening their potential one-year jail sentence to a $25 fine.

Fearful over the skunky stench of pot drifting throughout the nation’s capital, the DC Council in recent weeks pulled back from an even more liberal motion to buffer residents from arrest: Smoking pot in public would remain a crime, similar to walking around with an open can of beer, and would carry a maximum penalty of up to six months in jail.

“It’s what I’d call the growing pains” of inching toward legalization, said Council Chairman Phil Mendelson (D), who led the charge against a broader measure to eliminate all criminal penalties, saying he did not want his daughter to encounter people smoking marijuana on city streets.

Thanks to the growing support locally and nationally for legalizing marijuana, D.C. lawmakers noted this push to decriminalize pot smoking is based on “social justice” when it comes to pot arrests — not civil liberties to allow more drug use. By cultivating their progressive marijuana legislation, the DC lawmakers are aggressively germinating the seeds of a national debate over legalization.

Just decriminalizing the simple possession of pot, while leaving the act of smoking the plant in public a crime, critics say, will keep alive concerns about racial profiling in arrests. It also will add gray areas in policing: D.C. officers would not be able to arrest on the smell of marijuana, for instance; they would have to see the smoke. And being marijuana-impaired in public would not be a crime equal to public intoxication — unless it occurs behind the wheel.

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Washington DC Prepares for Marijuana Decriminalization
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Cordero Kush Platinum Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

Cordero Kush Platinum is a boutique strain with a historic lineage of uncrossed True OG, one that took first place back in 2012 at High Times medical cannabis cup – beating out all Indica competitors for the top honor. This strain was cultivated by the San Jose Patient Group and floored the judges with its wonderfully sedating high and incredibly flavorful terpene profile. Offering a heavy Indica high which is perfect for relieving both pain and insomnia.

Basic Info: the Cordero strain (Spanish for “Lamb”) is known for producing big THC encrusted flowers which are dense with resin encrusted calyxes. These award-winning buds glisten with their sticky and sweet trichomes.




Find the collective or dispensary near you with Cordero Kush Platinum at WeedMaps.com

Effect: this strain provides a noteworthy Buzz which can definitely be defined as a ‘couch lock King,’ known to grip the cerebellum fast. The first few bong rips inhibits the short-term memory, making it the perfect interruption for those ‘brain fart’ moments of unproductive thought, but less than ideal for seeking to accomplish important tasks like doing your taxes, which requires a certain level of focus and concentration. When smoked by the uninitiated Stoner, this strain can absolutely kill the productivity of a day. Known for creating a dreamlike highs, this strain is perfect for those patients with some serious downtime on their hands.

Scent: Cordero Kush Platinum maintains its pure OG heritage, a rich citrusy lemon cross of pine aromas, complete with spicy earth-like overtones, yet skunkier and funkier than its predecessors.

Growth and Seed Info: as is true with most OG’s, Cordero Kush platinum tends to produce shorter, squat plants with dark green phenotypes. This strain produces thick leaves with distinctive jagged edges. Typically bushy, as most Indica’s are, the Cordero Kush strain requires minimal space due to its lack of branching, preferring to form one main stem from which a massive cola will emerge.

Related Strains: OG Kush

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Cordero Kush Platinum Marijuana Strain Review and Photos
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New Development In Attempt To Destroy Medical Cannabis Law In Washington

By Anthony Martinelli, Sensible Washington House Bill 2149, the proposal to gut Washington State’s medical cannabis law, failed to receive a public hearing in the Senate Ways and Means Committee yesterday, which was the deadline for the bill to receive one. This means that the proposal, in its current form, won’t be advancing. However, according to […]

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New Development In Attempt To Destroy Medical Cannabis Law In Washington
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Nation’s Largest Cable Operator (Comcast) Fires Up Medical Marijuana Ads

Move over ShamWow, heads up Hairclub for men…there will soon be a new late-night commercial pitching something that’s sure to catch the attention of insomniacs along the eastern seaboard: a sweet new commercial explaining how to get legal medical marijuana.

According to online reports, “Comcast, the nation’s largest cable operator, has agreed to run an ad on its local cable systems in New Jersey, Massachusetts and greater Chicago that promotes a service that links people seeking legal medical marijuana with doctors able to prescribe it.

The campaign is one of the first examples — possibly the first — of commercial broadcast advertising related to marijuana. The ads begin airing this month in New Jersey and will start next month in the other media markets.”

A Comcast spokeswoman, Melissa Kennedy,  noted that she was unaware of any comparable TV ads. While Colorado was the first state in the US to legalize marijuana smoking for the fun of it, Colorado’s amendment 64  prohibits retail advertising of recreational marijuana, leaving both medical marijuana advocates and detractors dumbfounded at Comcast newest revenue stream.

The more than slightly satirical ad fires up with a mock sushi slinger dealing raw fish of questionable origin.

“Yo, you want sushi? I got sushi. I got the best sushi,” the shady-looking man tells the camera. “You need me and I need you. Let’s make this work.”

Eventually a female narrator’s sober voice-over intrudes on his guttural monologue: “You wouldn’t buy your sushi from this guy, so why would you buy your marijuana from him?”

The narrator then suggests an alternative — “the only website that links patients with real doctors” approved to prescribe medical marijuana.

The narration concludes: “Book your appointment today!”

Making sure they didn’t run afoul of any FCC rules and regulations, Kennedy said Comcast lawyers cleared the the ads because medical marijuana is legal where they are viewed. “We are always cautious when we take ads like this,” she said. She also noted that the company already takes ads for alcoholic beverages.

This chronic move by the nation’s largest cable operator  was lamented by Kevin Sabet of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, an anti-legalization group: “Sadly, It’s one more example of the commercialization and normalization of marijuana,” Sabet said.

Conversely, Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project disagreed: “It’s a website providing a legal service. There’s no reason why it should not be treated like any other one. It’ll probably be shown between beer ads, but at least it won’t objectify women and suggest that drinking beer is the only way to have fun.”

While Comcast’s ads for medical marijuana doctors are focused on New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Chicago, the rest of the US can find their medical marijuana Dr. online at WeedMaps.



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Nation’s Largest Cable Operator (Comcast) Fires Up Medical Marijuana Ads
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Are Marijuana Penny Stock Investments a Good Option?

Most individuals associate investing in the marijuana industry with opening a marijuana dispensary our starting a colossal grow operation. But it just so happens that making greenbacks off the green rush may be easier than one might think. We’re talking about investing in marijuana-related business stocks.

As of right now Wall Street doesn’t cover the marijuana market as an industry but professional investors such as Todd investment stocksHarrison, CEO and founder of Internet-based financial media company MInyanville, feels that once legalization is more widespread, that will be the inflection point when investing in marijuana businesses moves into a conventional arena.

Presently penny stocks are all the twitter, but according to Harrison they’re not worth the risk factor and he steers clear from obtaining them.

“I don’t touch them, they’re very risky,” Harrison explained of penny stocks. “There’s a reason they’re not listed on the exchanges…..they’re not recognized. They go up and they go down. They’re very volatile.”

But fret not, penny stock prospectors, there is still solid hope for investing in dope!

According to Harrison, the marijuana industry “will be the single best investment idea for the next ten years.”

The legal recreational/medical marijuana marketplace is estimated to grow 64 percent to $2.34 billion in 2014 from $1.44 billion, according to a recent report by marijuana investment and research firm Arcview Group.

The astronomical 500 percent growth that GW Pharmaceuticals’ stock experienced since summer of 2013 can be used as an example of how rewarding marijuana stocks can be to your financial portfolio.

Other investors recommend avoiding these stocks until marijuana is legal throughout the entire United States.

All stocks have their pros and cons, so it’s best to investigate the company thoroughly before you decide to invest in any type of business.

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The 420 Times
Are Marijuana Stock Investments a Good Idea?

Breckenridge Ski Smoke Shack Destroyed By Authorities

Unfortunately, smoking on federal-owned land remains extremely illegal in America–even in the “safe” stoner confines of good old Colorado. Earlier this week, CNN’s “Inside Edition” took an in-depth look at the “extremes” to which skiiers and snowboarders look to get lifted before their rides down the mountain.

Featured in the special was famed Breckenridge shack Leo’s, where mogul-runners go for a breath of fresh air and also, a fresh blaze. CNN placed hidden cameras in the “safe” confines of Leo’s, and “caught” a bunch of stoned skiers smoking bowls and joints.

Then, in true Cannabis News Network (CNN) fashion, the station showed a bunch of skiers and snowboarders wiping out…And of course, blamed it on the weed.

Likewise, now Leo’s Smoke Shack is no more, after authorities, at the behest of Vail Ski Resort (which owns Breckenridge) demanded so.

Now, Leo’s Smoke Shack looks like this what the hopes and dreams of stoner’s have looked like for hundreds of years: completely wrecked:

A rebuild project for Leo’s has already sprung up on Facebook and has garnered support. It’s quite sad, because no one was really doing anything wrong and no one got hurt skiing high–they were just exercising what should be the human right to medicate in mother nature.

Had they simply been ripping shots of liver-killing Bourbon and cancer-causing cigarettes? Leo’s would likely still be standing. But this is America. And while weed may be legal in Denver, there’s certain obstacles that remain (and may always remain) to be climbed.

Smoking on “public” and “federally-owned land”–no matter how remote and hidden and harmless–remains one of those ironic obstacles. Elsewhere, a snow fort built by University of Utah students’ to blaze up in was also, likewise, destroyed.”

You can watch the whole video that led to this Breckenridge disaster right here:

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Author: Barry Poppins