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Sanjay GuptaI Now a Medical Cannabis Believer

Apologizes for Past Negative Stance

Dr. Sanjay GuptaI apologized for his past unfavorable stance on weed. He sites it’s because of the fact that he didn’t look hard enough and far enough. He didn’t evaluate findings from lesser known labs in other countries working on some amazing research. More importantly, he way too dismissive of the deafening chorus of genuine patients whose problems improved on cannabis.


Marijuana Legalization has arrived in the United States and it’s here to stay. We have many people to thank for this, and Sanjay Gupta is not one of them.

Still, even though Gupta and CNN’s documentary aired eight months after Colorado and Washington’s historical moves, the profound effect the Gupta and CNN special had on the world’s perception of marijuana as medicine (and viable business) is undeniable.

Look no further than Uruguay–which the Economist just named its country of the year–and you’ll see that the international tides are changing, and that empirical data, reason, and common sense will torpedo prohibition.

There will come a day (hopefully sooner rather than later) when marijuana is federally legalized in the United States of America. Your kids’ kids will read about marijuana’s federal legalization in history books. They’re going to read about Hunter S. Thompson, Jack Herer, NORML, Marc Emery, and all the activists that helped us get there.

But there will also be a chapter titled “The Sanjay Gupta Effect.” And that’s why, it’s with great honor and some irony that we proudly present Sanjay Gupta as the Marijuana Man of the year–aka the most important man for marijuana in the year of 2013. Even if he doesn’t smoke what he preaches.

How does a TV doctor like Gupta matter so much that he was the most important person in the international battle for legalization? Let’s count the ways:

Gupta exposed–and repeated–the truth on an International stage

The craziest thing about Sanjay Gupta’s coming out party is that he didn’t unveil anything you can’t figure out from a cursory Google search or by keeping up with Google’s “medical marijuana” News section. Gupta said the same thing thousands of people say every day: marijuana is a real form of medicine with unbeknownst potential and effects on seriously ill people. But…

Gupta has the forum and the clout

Marijuana freedom fighters are filled with rhetoric. We tell the same stories and preach the same truths about marijuana as medicine on a daily basis. But it often falls upon deaf ears. What Gupta did was find those deaf ears and connect with them. No longer do moms in middle America who saw this special view cannabis as an ill to society–instead, they want it to treat their ill, epileptic children.Again, many of us preach for legalization and scream and shout at our computers when we read about people going to jail for this flower. But no one is really listening to us. Source: marijuana.com