THC Friendly Bed and Breakfast Joints Fill The Void

Not exactly the Viceroy at Snowmass or Vail’s Cascade resort and spa, some forward-thinking entrepreneurs are beginning to cultivate an innovative and novel business model in states where recreational marijuana consumption is legal.

Concentrating on catering to the fast-growing marijuana industry currently spreading its roots throughout Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, these empathetic THC-based B&Bs are connecting homeowners with medical marijuana patients and 420 tourists looking to hang out, relax, and inhale the atmosphere of true freedom.

According to, “Americans will spend $4.8 billion buying pot in the states where it’s legal. And that doesn’t even include the businesses that surround it — such as on-demand delivery services, paraphernalia-of-the-month clubs, and marijuana tourism. The four states where marijuana is legal for any purpose whatsoever are seeing a boom — though Colorado might have the biggest claim to being weed country.”

Like Airbnb, only with a high functioning twist, two Colorado-based companies Bud and Breakfast and travelTHC are providing a valuable conduit for homeowners looking to make a little extra green in the Centennial State’s newest economy.

Inspired by tech-savvy startups in the new sharing economy, couch-locked pot tourist can now easily locate that perfect secluded cabin at Blue Sky Ranch or a luxury bungalow in downtown Breckenridge.

With the limited number of marijuana friendly hotels currently overbooked as we head into the peak vacation season, many suggest timing your trip to avoid elevated nightly rents and suggest scouring these budding new B&Bs for an alternative experience.

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THC Friendly Bed and Breakfast Joints Fill The Void
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