U.S. AG Holder Grilled by Congressman Over Rescheduling Cannabis

Medical Marijuana On Tuesday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder found himself awash in a sea of congressional divide as members from both sides of the aisle addressed him regarding the reclassification of marijuana and as to why the Justice Department is failing to enforce the Controlled Substances Act.

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Republicans were quick to pounce on Holder for allowing states that have legalized marijuana to govern themselves, to a certain extent.

But Holder responded by pointing out that although there are “several things that are technically violative of the federal law”, the feds only pursue definite cases due to lack of resources.

“We don’t prosecute every violation of federal law. We don’t have the resources to do that,” Holder affirmed. “I think we will still be good stewards of the Controlled Substances Act.”

The tables were turned in a different direction when Congressman Steve Cohen had his opportunity to speak. He was eager to ask the attorney general as to why the Obama administration has proudly taken executive action on immigration, environmental and labor policies, but not on reclassifying marijuana.

“Why won’t the administration act with the pen and the phone to help people out?” Congressman Cohen inquired.

“I think we actually have acted in a responsible way,” Holder replied.

When Congressman Cohen attempted to explain how “obvious” it is that marijuana has been wrongfully classified, Holder replied by saying that what is “obvious to one perhaps is not obvious to another”.

Check out the enclosed video clip to see Congressman Cohen toss Attorney General Holder on the barbeque like a freshly marinated skewer of chicken. Have a hashy day!

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U.S. Attorney General is Grilled by Congressman Over Rescheduling Marijuana
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