Zero Gravity Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

Gravity: the strain… not the movie – is the matriarch of a mind numbing, clone only strain known as Zero Gravity. After a long and convoluted trip, Gravity found her way into the considerate hands of the breeders at THSeeds. A newbie friendly plant, Zero Gravity is a relatively easy strain to cultivate for the first time grower.

Basic info: Zero Gravity’s mother – Gravity, first gained notoriety when she was crossbred during the winter of 1999 in Amsterdam – cross pollinated with a few batches of Neville and Shanti Baba. A multi-strained Indica hybrid, THSeeds created Zero Gravity when their skilled cultivators, crossed the Gravity with their Afghani strain. Creating a hybrid with noteworthy Indica lineage.




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Growth and seed info: a medium yielding variety, Zero Gravity needs little room or attention to grow some tasty buds, and requires only the most rudimentary care and nutrients to flourish. This strain does well both indoors and outdoors. A short and stocky plant, this strain can reach between 4 to 6 feet, and is capable of producing up to a half pound per plant under ideal conditions.

Affect: this strain is a perfect evening time smoke, as the high is long lasting – providing trancelike qualities. Zero Gravity’s high feels as though you’ve been encased in a bubble; floating, drifting, detached from reality. As the elevated state of mind recedes and the bubble pops, the patient feels as though the plants high caused a wrinkle in the time space continuum – opening a whole to the fourth dimension.

Scent: her flowers create a combination of velvet sweet flavor, punctuated by a lofty and weightless high. Hitting the taste buds with a swirling spectrum of citrus like flavonoids.

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Zero Gravity Marijuana Strain Review and Photos
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